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               Air Curtains

Coil Air Door offers an excellet choice of commercial grade air curtains designed to greatly enchance your working environment. A wide choice of units is offered for diverse locations such as retail stores, office buildings, restaurants, drive-up windows, hospitals, convalescent homes, concession stands, refrigerated cold storage, clean rooms and more. Various air flow choice and sizes enable you to tailor your selection to specific requirements. These quality - built units help to reduce windborne dust, pollen, smoke, flying insects and maintain desired interior temperature. It creates greater working productivity through improved working condition, higher employee morale, less employee downtime from airborne infective, allergies, adherence to many industrial requirements and standards. The unit feature high tensipe strength Polycoils' housings that are impervious to all types of chemical and climatic exposures. The Polycoils' material not only maintains its attractive appearance but also deadens operating sound levels to provide the quietest air curtain in the industry. All Coils Air curtains have a self contained one piece housing, fire retardant and corrosion proof.