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Dehumidifers is refrigeration based mobile Dehumidifiers, which is a continuous physical absorption of moisture through the air which helps in maintaining humidity up to certain limits as desired. The Dehumidifiers are installed in Houses, Computer Rooms, Rooms, Telephone Exchanges Hospitals, Defence purposes as well as for commercial uses to eliminate Moisture caused Mildew, Warping humidity discomforts.

All units have Humidistate which maintains humidity as required The Humidistat contains different levels to provide the desired humidity.

Model   Dh-100
Moisture Remvoing Capacity 100 Pints / 24 hr.
(Dehumidifying Capacity) 47.25 Ltr / 24 hr.
Compressor Type Hermetic (Reciprocating)
Qty 1
Input Watts 1400
Amps 7
Fan Type Propeller Type, Direct Drive
Qty 1
Watts 100
Amps 0.5
Power Supply   220/240-1-50 Hz
Refrigeration Coils Type Plate Finned Tubes
Refrigerant   R-22 (Factory Charged)
Control Capillary Tube
Drain Connection 5/8” OD
Overall Dimensions In (mm) Height 40-7/8 (1038)
Width 23.0 (586)
Depth 16.0 (407)
Weight KG (Lbs) 75.0 (165)

* 1 Pint = 1/8 gallons
* Moisture removing capacity is based on room temperature at 80°F (26.7°C) DB and 69.5°F (20.8°C) WB.
* Specifications are subject to change without any notice.

In INDOOR UNIT & OUTDOOR UNIT “J” for cooling model only & “R” for heating & cooling model.

Specifications are based on conditions specified in ARI Standard 210/240.